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Ribble Valley Model Soaring Association

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The RVMSA have been flying R/C slope soaring gliders on our Pendle Hill site since the early 1970’s and a lot earlier using free flight models. We have 365 day access to the open public areas to fly from when the wind is on the slopes. We have 2 preferred areas when a NW is blowing we fly at the “Bomb Hole” a large depression that provides shelter from the wind. When the wind is from the South we are on the back slope that faces Sabden Village. We fly a variety of glider types from modern quick glassfibre models to balsa and film covered models. All are welcome we are normally out Saturdays and Sundays if the weathers fine and the winds blowing there.

Our SOARING Gallery – 2015

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If you want to join us – just send £5 Cheque etc made payable to Ribble Valley Model Soaring Association the the address below and we send you your card. You must send proof of your BMFA insurance at the same time.

Our Flying Site

This is where you park your car at the “Nick” of Pendle as its locally known, to see more on the map click on “Satellite” button on the side to view the moorland better.

You can also zoom in using the scroll wheel on your mouse.